Take a talented artist with a degree in Graphic Design, add a partner with 30 years in the business world, mix in 25 years of picture framing and corporate award design plus a "bare bones" trophy shop that was up for sale and you get:

Creative Resources - Awards & Engraving

A true, locally owned "mom & pop" shop located in southwest Portland, the business was purchased in 2008 by Gloria and Alan Gerdes, a highly motivated couple with creative art and music backgrounds and a strong desire to work as a team.

Gloria has a talent for and love of the arts that extended clear through her years in college as an art major. As an independent artist, she won several awards in the local art shows, but devoted most of her time to raising two daughters. Then in the late 90's with both daughters now grown and independent, the opportunity arose for Gloria to return to school, where she truly demonstrated the extent of her talents, and in 3 years graduated with a degree in Graphic Design with Honors.

Alan, on the other hand, spent most of his time working for some of the larger electronic firms in the Portland area, specializing in Purchasing and Materials Management. His side interests, though, focused more in the Musical Arts, playing in several "rock" bands over the years (including the current band that has existed since 1982).

However, during these years the entrepreneurial spirit in both of them was also kept busy developing a side business that began with custom picture framing, and over the years developed into custom corporate awards and displays, plus (for Gloria) 10 years of professional Floral Design and Arranging.

Then, when Creative Resources became available, it was a dream (and opportunity) that had come true.

Today, after several years of product and machinery improvement, as well as honing their skills, we are proud to present to you the new Creative Resources - Awards & Engraving.